Light for
better living

Light is the harmonious and silent composition that paints the final mood of a scene. Light conditions us, sparks emotions in us, and accompanies us at all times. Light is that discreet presence that, in an elegant and unquestioning manner, becomes the star of all scenes imaginable.

Quality light for every space

At LedsC4, we turn the natural power of light into a challenge. We understand the importance of good lighting in every moment of our lives and in the spaces that shape them: homes, offices, private businesses, public spaces, outdoor areas, hospitals and even watercraft. Each space needs lighting that has been strategically created to meet its prime goal: taking care of all the people inhabiting it. With more than fifty years’ experience in the field of illumination, we strive daily to always offer the best light.

The team

LedsC4 is formed by a great team of people sharing a common goal: exploring the infinite possibilities of light and its applications to improve our lives from all perspectives. That’s why we work not only with industry professionals internally, but also with partners of renowned prestige who help us in designing our products and in creating the international strategy and technology behind our projects and our brand.

Design, technology and service

Design, technology and service LedsC4 has more than half a century of experience in developing tailor-made projects highly acclaimed in the cultural sector, as well as in the hospitality, contract and residential markets. This knowledge lays the foundations for ongoing research into the possibilities lighting offers. Consequently, we provide advanced lighting solutions in terms of design (modular proposals that adapt to the spaces), technology (with advanced features of digital control and connectivity) and service (with the reassurance that LedsC4 will accompany you throughout the whole process, streamlining it).

Proximity and

The history and development of LedsC4 is closely tied to La Segarra, a plateau in the province of Lleida, surrounded by crop fields, and pine and holm oak groves. Such a natural environment strengthens the foundations of a company that involves its employees in a common goal, fostering a friendly, inspiring working environment.

Furthermore, we are working towards fulfilling the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations in 2015. In this regard, at LedsC4 we’re carrying out a number of specific actions, such as reducing our carbon footprint through the installation of lighting with LED presence detection sensors, using green, sustainable packaging, reducing the use of paper in transactions, load sharing to make transportation more sustainable, simulating natural light in the workplace, fostering compliance with the 5S to improve work conditions, using sustainable materials in our products and developing socially committed actions with independent entities.

Brand Corner

Our products, distribution and service in North America are managed by Bover USA, by a team that has extensive experience and vast knowledge in products and applications for the market.

LedsC4 and Bover belong to Brand Corner, a dynamic and entrepreneurial family-owned group of industrial companies founded in 1987, with an extensive international presence and global business vision.

Brand Corner relies on an international team of more than 1500 professionals developing projects all over the globe, bringing together more than 15 companies that operate in sectors as diverse as lighting, furniture, construction, small household appliances, security seals and systems, sanitary equipment, oil and gas, plastic injection and packaging.
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