Hotel Radisson Blu Antananarivo Waterfront, Madagascar
The hotel's main lobby stars the Voiles collection. This is an artisanal luminaire with Japanese washi paper, an asymmetric design and a lightweight presence.
Appart’City Toulouse Diagora Labège, France
The Organic collection, soft and harmonious, illuminates the rooms of these apartments in the south of France. In its wall-mounted version, Organic integrates naturally into this space.
Detached house in Girona, Spain
The Moal collection in its bollard variant blends in with the architecture of the space and gives it its unique character. It includes three concrete pieces at different heights, which serve two purposes at the same time: they illuminate and add warmth to the space, and can also be used as furniture.
Loft M50, Torino, Italy
Dew is a luminaire with an organic and linear configuration shaped by a line of oval points of light connected by aluminium pieces at varying distances. Its finishes perfectly combine with the black and white tones that predominate in this apartment.
Fuego Camina Conmigo Agency, Barcelona, Spain
The lighting project focused on providing warmth in a different way for each work space, following a minimalist design to complement the vastness of the space. In this way, the suspended Tubs Modular illuminates the work tables, providing homogeneity and warmth and giving workers the option to rotate and direct the light source as needed.
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