Voiles pushes the envelope of contemporary design for large spaces with a style of sculpture far removed from conventional materials and shapes, opting for traditional craftsmanship.
On the one hand, its asymmetric shape provides a different vision depending on your position. On the other hand, the Japanese Washi paper gives the piece a lightness that allows constant movement.

Together they create a poetic living piece that makes any space more beautiful.

The designer

Céline Wright

Handcrafted process.

Washi paper is handmade with an organic compound based on plants and different fabrics. The origins of this age-old technique can be found in Japan in Buddhist temples. Following a complex manufacturing process, the result is a resistant, versatile, and sustainable material.

The designer Céline Wright, who lives in Japan, handmakes the paper for Voiles using a technique that is as complex as it is exceptional. The outcome is unique, exclusive luminaires.


Finish: Chrome, White

Body Mat: Steel

Diffuser material: Washi (Japanese paper)

50000h L80 B20

MacAdam: 3

Luminaire suitable for: Dry weather


K: 2700

CRI: 90

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