Compositional freedom.
Dew explores a lightweight, ephemeral beauty. With its strong technical nature that blends well with its poetic focus, Dew is an organic and linear configuration shaped by a line of oval light points connected by aluminium pieces at varying distances. With its vertical and horizontal versions, the collection allows for various angles and combinations.

The designers


Founded in 2006, Yonoh is a multidisciplinary creative Spanish studio that stands out for its fresh and unique designs. Its Dew collection for LedsC4 reflects the work philosophy of designers Clara del Portillo and Álex Selma, for whom innovation, attention to detail, versatility and timelessness are the pillars of their creations.


Finish: Black

Body Mat: AL

Total W: 13

Delivered Im: 782

Dimming Control: 0-10V / PHASE CUT 120-277V

Luminaire suitable for: Dry weather

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