Founded in 2006, Yonoh is a multidisciplinary creative Spanish studio that stands out for its fresh and unique designs. Its Dew collection for LedsC4 reflects the work philosophy of designers Clara del Portillo and Álex Selma, for whom innovation, attention to detail, versatility and timelessness are the pillars of their creations.


Located in Barcelona, this product design studio was founded by Daniel Vila and Ester Pujol in 2004. With the aim of improving our everyday surroundings, this design duo creates ethical, honest and eye-catching products for national and international companies in the lighting, bathroom accessories, furniture and urban facilities sectors.


With over 20 years of experience, Wright is one of the most influential French designers and is considered the eco-designer par excellence. Her pieces are known for being handmade, using age-old techniques updated with non-polluting natural materials. Her network of artisans works from home to ensure that each luminaire is unique, while the sensitive and poetic approach of her nature-inspired pieces evokes calm and serenity.


Founder and director of product design at Diba Studio in Barcelona, Vilaró seeks to strike a balance between creativity, industrialization, innovation, aesthetics and functionality. Trained in industrial design engineering at Elisava, he later created LODIVí, a brand that reinterprets traditional cooking utensils. The winner of several Delta design awards, in 2016 he received the German Design Award for the LedsC4 Invisible luminaire.

Àlex & Manel

Àlex and Manel Lluscà are both Spanish designers who have used their talent and expertise to create pieces with original shapes and materials, always in keeping with the latest market trends. Inspired by nature, they have created Organic for LedsC4, a luminaire with different applications that suits any room or space.
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